Jan Vavra and Jana Infeldova are the founders of Song Empire Publishing in Prague, Czech Republic.

They began as songwriters with a very comedic and quirky sound, penning many number 1 hits for local artists in the Czech charts - "Za 100 let" & "Rub a líc" by Sebastian; the debut single of Pop Idol winner Tereza Mašková; Lucie Bílá's multi-platinum album and even the official charity anthem for Czech National Radio! The list is endless...

They very quickly became active as A&Rs - connecting Czech authors and artists with international songwriters and producers. Their Songwriting camp CZ has gained a great reputation and given birth to several international hits already - noteworthy example being the song "Friend Of A Friend" (performed by Lake Malawi) which represented the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

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